Solving complex problems with mapping

Join us as we dive into the journeys mapped throughout the BC COVID-19 immunization project.

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Deborah MacKenzie, Senior User Experience Designer at OXD, will walk you through solving the complex problem of creating a COVID-19 immunization plan for BC.

Over the course of this informative 45 minute session, you'll learn how we:

  • achieved coherence and consensus across teams, and identified issues that required leadership decisions
  • connected the journeys and needs of users to the functionality of an existing product
  • identified gaps in the current service, and prioritized opportunities within an extremely limited timeframe.

Who is this for

People involved in program or product delivery who want to identify gaps in their delivery process and validate requirements through a more user-centred process.

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Meet your guides


Deborah MacKenzie


Deborah MacKenzie is a Senior UX Designer/Service Designer at OXD. As lead UX Designer on the ImmsBC project, she helped make the Province-wide COVID-19 immunization plan—a massively complex task—a success.

Wil Arndt

Wil Arndt


Wil Arndt is the Creative Director at OXD, where he drives product and business strategy while working with clients like Electronic Arts, Government of British Columbia, and University of British Columbia.

What attendees are saying...

“You did a great job presenting a lot of information in a short period of time while still conveying a bunch of useful tips and tricks.”

“Super interesting and such a great project to really dig into the wonderful world of mapping.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge today—amazing project!”

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